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A functional concrete incense holder that will be an inviting and calm addition to your home. A modern approach to classic incense holders, this long, thin sturdy piece is handmade from concrete. Incense sticks balance seamlessly in the purpose designed hole that allows you to easily align an Indian incense stick within the sides, thus catching any ash and protecting your surfaces. 'Lugn' means 'calm' in Swedish.


- L 22cm x H 2.5cm x W 2.5cm
- Weight 146g


- A premium concrete blend.

- Our Terrazzo pieces are a choice eco-friendly cementious resin mix.

- Incense sticks not included.

Care Information

Even though all of our concrete products are protected with a water resistant & food safe sealant, concrete is porous, so there’s a few things to be aware of when using your Concrete Goods.

- If water comes into contact with your item, wipe the excess with a clean dry cloth and leave to air dry. If tea, coffee or wine etc. comes into contact with your concrete, run it under the tap to flush the liquid from the surface and then pat your item dry.

- To keep your concrete looking fresh, every now and then wipe down your item with a soft damp cloth to remove everyday dust.

- Our concrete has a smooth finish so be careful when handling your Concrete Goods as to not scratch or chip the products.

- Concrete is extremely strong, but it’s not indestructible. Please treat it as you would a piece of ceramic or glass.

Incense Burners

- To clean your incense holders, wipe down the surface with a dry soft cloth to remove the excess ash. You can then go over it with a damp cloth to completely clean the surface ready for your next incense stick.

- Our incense burners have been designed specifically to hold standard length Indian incense sticks only.

- Do not allow flames to come into direct contact with
your Concrete Goods.

- Do not leave any incense or candle burning unattended.


- Our premium concrete blend produces 60% less carbon than regular concrete.

- We keep waste to a minimum every day that we make a product in response to an order being placed.

- Everything is made to order. No mass produced off-the-shelf items here.

- Orders are shipped in recyclable and bio-degradable materials.

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Handmade by Real People

Each and every Concrete Goods piece is handmade by us. Not only that, they're all our original designs.

When you order from Concrete Goods you can rest assured you're receiving a carefully crafted item from its creators.