About Us

Partners in concrete,
James (left) and Natalie (right)

How It All Started

Concrete Goods was founded in 2019 by Natalie after her exhaustive searches for minimalist concrete decor were not returning anything to her taste. Her spare room quickly became a makeshift workshop where she worked on a few simple initial prototypes which laid the foundations for what concrete goods has become today. 

Our Mission

The aim of Concrete Goods is to provide stylish modern home decor for conscious creatives and design enthusiasts using sustainable materials. We believe that great design is for everyone. It surprises, tells a story and makes the everyday a little less ordinary.

"Incense burner? Concrete?"

Inspired by the challenge to create simple but delicate looking pieces from what most people assume to be a clumsy and heavy material to work with, we love the reaction of disbelief that we often receive that sounds something like "... is that really concrete?". As of yet, we don't even feel we have scratched the surface of the interesting and artistic pieces we can create with concrete. We're excited to venture into learning new techniques and applications of using concrete as we grow as a studio.

Our products are Scandi inspired so you'll notice each product we design has a Scandinavian name. Some are easier to decipher than others, for example 'cirkel' means 'circle' in Swedish.